Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

WOKER is Poker using words!  It’s a fun, new card game that combines the challenges of word games with the quickness of poker!  The goal is to make the highest scoring words with your cards based on the points associated with each letter.  It’s like a brainteaser for both sides of your brain.


WOKER is based on three popular poker games – Draw, Stud and Texas

Hold‘em.   You can play two ways:

  1. 1.    Tally the points in your hands after each round and the player with the most points after ten rounds wins!  OR
  2. 2.    Test your best ‘poker face’ and bet based on the rules of Draw, Stud or Texas Hold ‘Em.   The player with the most chips after ten rounds wins!

 WOKERversions include WOKER9-Card Stud, WOKER9-Card Draw, and WOKERHold’em.  Play is based on the poker rules of those games, though slightly modified to accommodate the spelling of words.   (Players can choose to adapt other poker games.)

 WOKERoffers you many ways to Keep It Fun with 3 types of games and 2 playing styles.  Mix It Up and keep the good times with family and friends flowing!

Via 4woker