rife 2 scope sale photo
Royal Raymond Rife Microscope #2
Royal Raymond Rife, “genius scientist”, trained for six years at the Carl Zeiss Optical Company in Germany and became the inventor of powerful microscopes, leading to the discovery of a revolutionary therapy for viral diseases.
Pictured above is his second microscope which will be included as lot 113 in the Bonhams sale 10th November 2009 at Montpelier St , London SW7 1HH.
 Here’s the listing:
An exceptionally rare Royal R Rife polished steel compound microscope, American, dated 1932, engraved on the tube “ROYAL R. RIFE 1932”, with massive vertical column supporting the compound barrel (lacking ocular and objective) with three fine screw adjustments for vertical, transverse and circular motion, circular stage with rotating and mechanical movement in both axis with engraved scales and verniers, sub-stage Abbe condenser with rack and pinion focusing, a slanted quartz prism and electric illuminant with bulls eye lens engraved THE RIFE MICROSCOPE LAMP, the whole mounted on heavy platform base with three leveling feet and a quantity of accessories 19in (48cm) high; 15in (38cm) wide.

 Rife discovered a cure for cancer utilizing his microscopes, but had all his work was confiscated and he was forced to go into hiding. In 1980, years after Rife died, the American Medical Association was found guilty by a US Court of Appeals of “conspiracy to restrain competition. . . New methods of health care have been discouraged, restricted and in some instances eliminated.”

Rife’s microscopes offered resolutions and magnifications far more powerful than others of his day (or even today). Rife’s Universal Microscope (1933) magnified 31,000 times; other microscopes of his day magnified only 3,000 times.
Rife reasoned that if he was going to find a cure for diseases such as cancer it was important to be able to see the live virus that caused the disease. The first of several highly advanced microscopes was built in 1920. Noting that certain microorganisms absorbed different frequencies of light, he invented a system of rotating prisms to stain the specimen with light. Extrapolating from this resonant effect of light, he experimented with electromagnetic radio waves and discovered that for each type of virus there was a particular frequency that would cause its disruption.

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