Home farming

Philips Design recently completed a design probe looking at the future of food.  The project investigated how we might eat and source our food 15-20 years from now. the probe looks at social trends occurring today and extrapolates them to project possible futures.  The research led the designers to create three projects which solidified their ideas.  (Pics and video)


The first is ‘home farming’ which is a self-contained farm for growing a portion of your food inside.  The design is a tall and slender shelf-like unit with separate levels for different purposes such as growing plants and raising fish.  The next concept is ‘diagnostic kitchen’, a nutrition monitor which gives personalized information on your food.  The design comes with a swallowable sensor which will tell you what and how much to eat based on your health and nutrition requirements.  The final concept is ‘food creation’, a cooking device for printing food. the device would take in ingredients and combine them together, printing them into the desired shape and consistency.



Home Farming


Food creation



Diagnostic kitchen


Via designboom