A vending machine that dispenses gold.

While some buy water others invest in precious metals during times of possible apocalyptic turmoil.  The TG-Gold-Super-Markt is the first gold, yes gold vending machine.  In order to take it for a spin, though, you’ll have to travel to Germany’s Frankfurt Airport.  So if you happen to be in Terminal 1 sometime soon, drop in $49 and you’ll have yourself a 1g wafer of gold, or for $400 you can pick up a 10g bar or coins. 


But unlike your local laundromat’s quarters machine, each piece of gold comes with a certificate of authenticity and the machine is jacked into the Frankfurt gold market so it can update its prices every few minutes.  After that it tacks on a 30% fee, which all said and done is a hell of a lot, but so is any tourist piece of crap.  Expect 500 more of these machines to pop up throughout Germany in the near future.

Via 360 Degrees