And you thought bike commuting was dangerous? Hah! Mere child’s play. (Pics and videos)


More bike surfing videos follow.

Climbers have ropes, street lugers wear body armour, and surfers fall into generally shock absorbing water (reefs and rocks not withstanding). Even bike stunt impresario Danny MacAskill, wears a helmet, and we thought his bike riding made jaws drop.

bike surfing

Yet bike surfing looks even more radical. And serious. It’s practitioners have little between them and a heavily banged-up skull and, no doubt, rather extensive gravel rash. The asphalt is a long way down when you are standing on atop your bike frame, navigating solely with your feet!

bike surfing1

There is no denying the skill and bravado of the bike surfers seen in this little compilation of You Tube videos, but the consequences of getting it wrong are also pretty obvious, too. Methinks this will likely remain a fringe pastime, I’m just not sure how many of us mere mortals are equipped to undertake such derring-do.


Yet again the sheer versatility of the humble bicycle is demonstrated: transport, commuting, cargo hauling, racing, recreation, touring … and extreme sport.



Via Treehugger