There have been lots of studies by agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control that have looked at what is in our blood, but the Environmental Working Group has just completed an interesting (and disturbing) new one. They looked at minority populations, which often are exposed to higher levels of environmental pollution, and they got their samples from umbilical cords, so that it represents what is in the blood at birth- this stuff all came from mom. And it is quite a cocktail, including lead, perchlorates from rocket fuel, mercury, stain repellents and teflon. It is also the first time that Bisphenol A has been detected in newborns.


We won’t even start about the issue of endocrine disruptors like Bisphenol A on babies, or the American Chemistry Council’s position that the “mere presence of a chemical” does not prove harm; the science on lead and mercury is accepted by all, and the lead levels in some of the babies are higher that those shown to cause “cognitive function in newborns.”

The EWG notes:

“The contaminants found in these children are from unintended exposures to some of the most problematic consumer product and commercial chemicals ever put on the market. Their presence in fetal cord blood represents a significant failure on the part of the Congress and government agencies charged with protecting human health.”

There are some things we have control over, like alcohol and tobacco, and maybe even methylmercury from fish. But the rest of this stuff is in our blood from the moment we are born whether we like it or not.


Via Treehugger