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The Windside Wind Turbine is a vertical wind turbine based on sailing engineering principles. The turbine rotor is rotated by two spiral-formed vanes. First tests were made in Southern Finland in both inland and marine environments. Laboratory wind tunnel tests were also made. For over twenty years Windside have continued to research, test and develop battery charging systems of varying size and class in conjunction with development of its own wind turbine toward larger and more efficient models. (Pics)


Windside wind turbines for battery charging are a unique and ecological solution for energy production wherever energy is needed. They have been developed to meet the requirements of the most demanding professional use in the harshest of environments: Their unique design features ensure, high efficiency, long life span, durability and an absolute minimum of maintenance.


Windside Wind Turbines convert free wind energy into electricity for battery charging. Users of this free energy are independent. Independent of the electricity grid, independent of tariff changes and free to choose their own location. Power production from wind turbines is affected by certain conditions, wind speed, turbulence and the changes of wind direction. These conditions are not always as optimal as in sales speeches and have negative affects on most turbines. The one turbine least affected by these conditions is the Windside Wind Turbine.


Windside Wind Turbines work when others don’t. In the gentlest of summer breezes and in violent winter storms. When others fail due to frost, ice, snow or high winds Windside Wind Turbines continue to produce. Windside Wind Turbines will produce at least 50 % more electricity in a year than traditional propeller models.


In real environment testing in the Archipelago of Finland the Windside Wind Turbine produced up to 50% more electricity in a year than a traditional propeller type turbine of the same swept area.


With the Worlds average prevailing wind speed being only 3 m/s (10.8 km/h 6.75 mph) the lower the wind speed at which the turbine starts to generate power the better. The Windside Wind Turbine range with its unique vane construction utilises wind speed as low as 1-3 m/s (3.6 km/h 2.25 mph) other turbines are still standing still at these wind speeds. At the other end of the scale the Windside Wind Turbine will continue to produce at wind speeds up to 60 m/s (216 km/h 135 mph). Both these facts are world records.


Wind speed is not the only factor to consider. Turbulence and changes in wind direction effect a turbines ability to produce power at the rate stated in ideal test conditions. Conventional propeller type turbines are slow to react to these factors. The Windside Spiral Vanes always reach the wind at the right angle.


The Windside Wind Turbines work in harmony with nature and the human environment. Due to the Windside unique spiral vane shape and the fact that the rotation does not exceed wind speed they are totally soundless. (No low resolution hum) Even when rotating they appear as solid objects so birds do not fly into them. There are no flying ice blocks, oil leakage, cutting blades exhaust emissions. The device is safe to people, animals and nature.


For many people the Windside Wind Turbine with its beautiful design and smoothly rotating structure resembles a work of art. This fact has been embraced by artists, landscape and building architects and the results of this can be seen in functional works of art incorporated into ecological building and landscape structures.

Via Windside