The animatronic heads from artist Nathaniel Mellor are part of a $75,000 art piece on sale at Art Basel Miami Beach 2009. The artificial faces are controlled by servos which in turn are controlled by a computer.  For all audiophiles, this art installation is perhaps the scariest thing ever. Forget the musicians; this is too creepy for even the art appreciators, but it is all exciting for the robotic community.  (Video)


The three mechanically controlled robotic heads demonstrated at an art installation in Switzerland are trained to sing… but are they worth hearing, or should I give up on music right away?  Just because these heads are synced with the computer to actually sing well and in tone doesn’t mean they are actually worth the $75,000 they have been installed for. Still, if you dare to hear, then check out the video to hear the heads singing.


Via Gizmowatch