Fun with food!
Somen is a refreshing Japanese wheat noodle, traditionally eaten in the summer to cool off from the Japan’s humid summers. They’re most famous for being eaten as “nagashimen,” noodles flying down a bamboo pipe as would-be eaters try to catch them with their chopsticks. It’s a ton of fun, but feeling sorry for those who don’t happen to live in rural Japan, Bandai has brought the fun of nagashimen to the home, with the Home Somen Shop.
Here’s how you use it:
  • Put two D batteries in the base, and put together the slide above it (takes about five minutes)
  • Put 850cc of water in the bucket at the unit’s base, and switch the unit on. The water will start to flow from the waterwheel at the top.
  • Slightly unravel boiled somen, and place them at the top of the rail by the waterwheel
  • Try to catch the noodles on their 140cm trip down! Don’t worry, if you miss, there’s a tray at the bottom to catch them for you
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