Electrolux Silence Amplified iPod Vacuum

Just when you think that the industry has done with vacuum cleaners everything it could, Electrolux shocks you again, launching vacuum cleaner + iPod device. The cleaner, based on UltraSilencer which is the most silent vacuum cleaner ever made, will, according to laboratory tests, improve the cleaning performance, reduce the stress levels and give a general feeling of well-being while vacuuming.


Research carried out over several years by Electrolux laboratory for sound-based research in Stockholm has resulted in a patent that means that the sound of vacuum cleaning is no higher than a normal conversation at 68 decibels. This allows you to enjoy music at the same time at a comfortable volume. The only vacuum cleaner that contains this quiet patent is the new version of the Ultrasilencer vacuum cleaner.


Using the results from the study, Electrolux has developed an online tool that gives you the chance to create your own play lists to ensure the best cleaning result. You can enter variables into the tool, including the size of your home, the type of floor and the amount of furniture you have. The tool will then put together perfect play lists, supported by data from the study, to achieve a better cleaning result with less stress.

The Silence Amplified vacuum cleaner has a centrally located docking station for an MP3 player, linked to two integrated speakers. And while the idea looks very cool to many, Electrolux is not planning to mass-produce the cleaner, unless they get a substantial number of preorders.

Via Appliancist