Adolph Hitler’s mother, Klara

Adolf  Hitler’s hatred of Jews stemmed from the mistaken belief that his mother was poisoned by a Jewish doctor, according to a new book.   Hitler’s mother Klara had breast cancer but died as a result of poisoning from the idoform which was given to her by Dr Eduard Bloch. The use of idoform as a treatment for breast cancer was a standard medical practice when she died in 1907 at the age of 47.


The future dictator was 18 at the time and the author of the book, Joachim Riecker, said “her painful death was a key moment in his [Hitler’s] development”.

“Hitler never forgave the Jewish doctor. In conversations with aides such as Josef Goebbels he referred to the Jews as being like TB and himself as a ‘healer’ who had to stamp it, and consequently them, out,” he said.

The arguments in the book, called November 9: How World War One Led To The Holocaust, contradict other views that Hitler respected and liked Dr Bloch, even helping him to emigrate from Austria to the US in 1940.

Mr Riecker views November 9 as a key date for Hitler. On that day of the year, the Weimar Republic was set up in 1918, Hitler staged an attempted coup in 1923 and the Kristallnacht pogrom against Jews happened in 1938.

Dr Bloch died in June 1945 at the age of 73, outliving Hitler by a month.

Via Telegraph