Positivity comes when we kill negativity. However, unless we can understand the emotions and vibes surrounding us, we cannot make room for the potential feel-good-atmosphere. While some gifted people can naturally sense and correct the emotional imbalance, some others have to struggle with their mood swings. For the latter, we have some incredible gadgetries, which with the mood sensors, will help you detect your mood and emotional state. The mood sensitive interactive gadgets might help to you keep up your spirits with their effective responsiveness to emotional triggers in your body and environment.


1. The Mood Chair


Interact with your inner state by simply sitting and relaxing on the Mood Chair. It’s an amazing piece of interactive furniture, which changes color in response to the user’s mood. The chair consists of embedded micro-chip sensors, which perceive the environment and user’s mood and then translate it into specific LED lighting effect for the chair. Stylish aesthetics also make the Mood Chair pretty suitable for your home décor and the architectural space.

2. Green cordless phone help you avoid ill-tempered talk


FuChat cordless phone senses your emotions and alerts you of your inner state via visual and audio effects. The concept phone saves you from making regretful calls over the phone, alerting you beforehand of your mood and current temperament. For instance, FuChat’s sensors will detect your emotional state from your voice tone and body temperature, and if it indicates that you’re stressed, annoyed or maybe over anxious, you may delay the call until you reconcile.

3. The Bubble mood-sensing dress


Just the idea of slipping into such a tasteful bubble dress from Philips called SKIN, will rejuvenate you (of course, only if you’re at home and then plan to adventure into it). It’s a mood reading dress, which glows with lighting effects and blows with bubbles in response to the user’s emotional state. The emotion sensors here lay embedded into the inner layer of the dress. The outer layer then, changes color in response to your mood. It works by monitoring physical changes associated with different emotions. Emotions like stress, arousal or anxiety will cause the dress to change its color and pattern according to the intensity of the emotion.

4. Emotion sensitive pendant


Here’s way more practically wearable and subtle emotion-sensing gadget – an emotion sensitive pendant. The Vibe is a interactive piece of jewelry with sensors that read biometric signals. The stylish necklace “combines conducive ink and textile sensors” to convey the signals to others who’ll also be wearing the devices. The technology enables us to better understand emotions.

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5. Bracelet that ‘Rationalizes’ your emotions


The Philips EmoBracelet is a hi-tech mood ring, which measures “arousal component of the user’s emotion through a galvanic skin response sensor”. The bracelet is synced with EmoBowl, another accessory which it comes packaged with. The EmoBowl displays the user’s emotional status via lighted patterns. Incase, the bowl glows red, it means the user needs to cool down, before he messes up a situation badly out of an intense emotion.

6. Heartbeat controlled iPod


While most of the previous entries alerts of your emotional state via lighted effects, this one responds to your mood, musically. It’s an iPod which is controlled by your heart rate. The embedded Kokoro Heart Sensor the iPod, senses your heart rate and play different type of music depending on the speed with which your heart beats.

7. Brain-controlled gaming headset


The hardcore gamers often go through intense emotional activity while playing. Here’s an incredible gaming headset, Emotiv, which lets your emotions and thoughts control your gameplay. The headset uses brain computer interface technology to enable the emotional interaction with computer. It’s interesting to see how the game turns with every shift in your emotion.

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