capacitor necklace 4132
This necklace is bright and bold with 7 traffic cone orange capacitors!
Silver tubes space the capacitors on a snake chain.
Those creative folks over at ETSY dot com have entered another barrage of hot tech fashion staments. Case in point is the artist “digiBling” who has created an electronical array of necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and belts to satisfy some of our most basic techy fashion flavors.
Utilizing remnants of our colorful past this artist produces jewelry from surplus parts. There is the green resistor necklace with matching earrings…
resistor necklace green 3241
“A basic resistor necklace – mint green 1/2 watt metal oxide resistors are chained together. The resistors have a matte type finish with metallic gold, silver, and blue stripes. Length is 18″ (46 cm) and the necklace closes with a lobster clasp.”
resistor earrings
digiBling is industrial engineer Kate Hoch. She holds down a 9-5 job as a pneumatic conveying development engineer. She says of her work,
“I am often asked if the parts I used are recycled. The parts are generally new/unused. Parts ripped out of old electronics are difficult to work with due to their short leads, and limited supply of like items. However, nearly all the parts I use are surplus components from manufacturing or military use. Many would likely end up getting tossed if I didn’t use them.
I am trying to incorporate more recycled items, pulled directly from scrap electronics.”