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Office 24/7

With this year’s Art Basel/Design Miami in the can, you’d think Miami would quietly sink into the shadows, away from the international design spotlight. Not so fast. A new architecture competition recently announced its winners, bringing global attention to the city’s built environment for the third year. The annual contest, named DawnTown focused this year on a new downtown station design for Metromover, Miami’s elevated transit system.


First Prize: Office 24/7 from Melbourne, Australia, proposed a concept that would make the transit station the center of a new interactive, cultural hub for the city. Sited between several museums, the station would become a broadcasting unit for each of those institutions’ programming, from science documentaries to art installations. The massive screen would act as a unifying element the plaza, as well as a landmark and gathering place for residents.

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See you Sunday

Second Prize: See you Sunday*, a team from Bangkok, Thailand tied together the concepts of art and science that they saw in the nearby museums with a sculptural, high-tech station design.

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Third Prize: DoubleKatya from Saint-Petersburg, Russia dubbed their concept Fish Frame for the skeleton-like structure which allowed pedestrians, automobiles and trains to move through the space, uninterrupted.

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Honorable mention by WestonWilliamson

Honorable Mention: WestonWilliamson of London, England thought that the station should be an internationally-recognized symbol of Miami’s dedication to end climate change, with a sustainable structure and ecologically-focused site.

Via Fast Company