Vespa’s stretch scooter

“Honey, I stretched the Vespa.” This unique, four-seater “family” version of the iconic Italian scooter allows you to take friends along for the ride.

According to Vespa, here’s a list of uses for the stretched scooter: it’s a sensible family car on two wheels and kids will look forward to going to school on it. You can be the designated driver and still park outside the front door of the party. When you make new buddies, you can take them home with you – and you save money on fuel.

“You won’t have a problem finding passengers for this scooter, ” says a Vespa spokesman.  “Park it anywhere, and in minutes you’ll have a queue of admirers.

“All you need is a red carpet, Gucci outfit and you’re ready for fame and fortune.”

Unfortunately this isn’t a production model but a South African-built, one-off special for display and marketing campaigns.

It’s was the idea of Vespa SA MD Andy Reid, who is no stranger to attention-grabbing campaigns – a few years ago his Guerrilla Parking Fine Campaign involved placing fake parking tickets on legally parked cars for driving difficult-to-park, fuel-guzzling motor vehicles instead of scooters.