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The owner of a north Georgia funeral home has quite a deal if you plan to drink and drive on New Year’s Eve. Sign an agreement, and you can qualify for a free burial.

It’s a freebie that no one has signed up to accept.

“In today’s society, you have to go to the extreme sometimes to get their attention,” says Barry Miller, owner of McGuire Jennings Miller Funeral Home in Rome.

Long before he opened his first funeral home, Miller lost a loved one who was killed by a drunk driver.

The pain of that memory is driving his offer. Between now and noon on Thursday, you can sign an agreement admitting you plan to get behind the wheel while intoxicated on New Year’s Eve. Crash and kill yourself while impaired, and the funeral home will give you a casket, flowers, burial, and a bronze marker, all for free.

Miller doesn’t expect anyone will ever take him up on the offer … “We want to make people stop and think,” says Miller. “I’m doing this to motivate someone to make the right decision.”

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