Crazy or Fit?

It may look like a length of discarded pipe but it is set to be the fitness craze of the year.

The ViPR – which is pronounced ‘viper’ and stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning – is in fact rather like a Swiss Army knife of exercise gadgets. It can be carried, dragged, thrown, flipped, stepped on and rolled – and is easily stored.

Gym trainers claim it can be used as a whole body workout and is more effective than traditional weight training.


The Virgin Active chain will be using it across all 72 of its gyms after it generated a flurry of interest at its branch in Twickenham, South-West London.

One-metre high and made of rubber, the ViPR is available in seven weights from 4-20kg and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

It can be lifted in the air to tone arms, swung to work out the sides and is said to burn calories and build muscle.

It also replaces several pieces of established gym equipment – dumb bells (small hand weights for the bicep lifted with one hand), bar bells (weights on each side of a bar to be lifted with both hands), kettlebells (an iron ball with a handle), medicine ball (weighted basketball), balance device (inflatable).

ViPR was invented by Michol Dalcourt, an expert in human movement, who has trained Olympic gold medal athletes.