Identity theft

The computer program is called Iscanderus Visius

Beyond Las Vegas there is a world more pious. And in that holy world, a Russian inventor by the name of Aleksandr Syomochkin has developed a program that allows a computer to recognize people’s faces and then message them. The program is based on the input received by on-monitor cameras, the more the cameras the more detailed features of the people can be stored into the computer’s memory. These stored images are then used by the program called Iscanderus Visius to remember them and then mimic those gestures.


Currently in work at the university’s laboratory of information technologies, the Syomochkin’s program could pave a way for a full-fledged conversation between computers and people, more so because Syomochkin wants to leave it as an open source program so that most people can ‘create something new on its basis.’

Via Gizmowatch