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Beer VS Blood. The battle rages on!
A Tacoma-based blood center offers donors a deal: Give a pint of blood, get a pint of beer.

Cascade Regional Blood Services says the promotion has worked so well at six Tacoma pubs and breweries, it’s expanding its “Give blood, get beer” offer to its bloodmobile for pubs in Federal Way and Steilacoom.

Organizers say it takes all types of blood donors giving at all times to meet the demands. “We’re thinking, ‘pint for pint.’ Its fun. we can get a new donor group,” said Lauren Buchholz of Cascade Regional Blood Services.

The mobile blood takes blood, and hands out coupons for a free, cold pint. It’s a fun swap and an opportunity to tap into a crowd that could help. Only 37 percent of the population is eligible to donate blood, and just 5 percent of those eligible do.

“I hate it every time but I do it, because it’s for the babies,” said one blood donor Lejuana Tennyson. Tennyson gives blood every two months. Hers is a rare blend off blood that newborns need. But the experience makes her cringe, and she brings a book and looks the other way.

For her, the promise of a free beer doesn’t make things any more pleasant. “Seems like such a strange combination – give blood drink beer,” she said, laughing. “I guess for some, it would help.”

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