Buckminster Fuller practiced Dymaxion Sleeping, where one has four 30 minute naps over a period of 24 hours. Architect/ Artist/ Scientist/ Graphic Designer Forrest Jessee thought that he would give this a try, but found that getting to a bed and ready for sleep took almost as much time as the sleep itself. So he developed a “transportable and adjustable cocoon that allows for constant air flow in a variety of different positions and environments.” You can get in and out of it in less than a minute and then sleep just about anywhere. (Pics)


“By supporting the body in all the right places and at the same time both filtering and acknowledging its surroundings and occupant, the sleep suit provides for a sound 30 minute nap. After all, you only get four of them every 24-hours.”


By wrapping the body in rings of EVA foam, it can be used in any position. “In order to determine where structure is needed, both out of necessity and desire, four of the most likely sleeping positions were chosen to map pressure points on the body. The positions included face up, face down, sideways and head down sitting at the desk. The body was positioned and tested in each one of the positions without any cushioning.”



Via Treehugger