tproll art 2
Tiny art from a left over part.
Anastassia Elias is an artist who uses the rolls leftover from toilet paper as a showcase for miniature tableaus.   Above you can see children building a snowman, complete with wintry tree limbs hanging as a frame to Elias’ crafted scene.By making the inserted figures out of the same color paper as the tube, and illuminating the piece from behind, he gives a sort of life to them.  Other works depict a woman taking clothes down from a line, a classroom, a market scene, and Anastassia’s grandmother dozing in a chair…

tproll art 1

He said: ‘The imagery of my work comes from looking people around me going about their everyday life.  Sometimes I use recycled materials and find new things to do with them – this time it was the turn of toilet rolls.  The rolls remind me of the famous miniature boats enclosed in bottles.”

via Neatorama