HyrdoWell Village

Haiti is looking for help with their water supply, and this may be it. Providing water in remote and austere environments is a logistical nightmare.  In emergencies, water systems take too long to setup.  Bulk water is expensive and difficult to deliver.  Surface water is almost always heavily contaminated, resulting in death and disease.

The HydroWell Village solves the problem of providing clean fluids to large groups by allowing the easy and safe filtration of virtually any water supply.  The HydroWell Village is ideal for disaster preparedness and humanitarian relief efforts.

Manta Ventures, LLC is the leading provider of next-generation forward osmosis water filtration technology based on a proprietary membrane that converts almost any polluted water into safe, potable drink.

With over fifteen years of research, scientists have developed the world’s first commercially viable forward osmosis membrane for emergency desalination and water filtration.  This membrane is used by NASA, the US Department of Defense, the United States Coast Guard and is now available to the public for use in emergency desalination situations.

Only one filter technology can reliably and safely filter the muddy or cloudy contaminated water frequently found in remote areas or during disaster scenarios. If you need to be prepared to filter the widest range of water sources – clear, muddy, brackish or ocean water – forward osmosis is the ideal solution.

Forward osmosis products out-perform the competition in these situations, because unlike other filter or purification technologies, they are virtually unaffected by the presence of mud or other suspended solids in the contaminated source water. Using an advanced membrane filter, our systems offer the highest purity available from any personal water filter. Yet because they operate passively without pressure, they do not clog, allowing virtually any water source to be used to provide clean, safe drink.

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