Whether or not you subscribe to the infinite monkey theorem (although you might like to know that Frooch is a Bonobo, Pete Pachal a Silverback, Charlie a Rhesus, and Leslie and I both Orang-utans — we spend our weekends picking bugs out of each other’s coats and eating them) at least be grateful that this post has nothing to do with today’s Apple event. The powers that be at Edinburgh Zoo devised a research project that involved giving 11 of the zoo’s chimpanzees a sturdy camcorder and letting them become cineastes for an 18-month period. (video)

As well as the camera, the chimpanzees’ enclosure boasted a monitor complete with video touchscreens. One of the aims of the Chimpcam project was to see just how aware the animals were of the link between seeing and filming. Programme producer John Capener claims he came up with the idea after watching a TV show so execrable that he thought monkeys would have made a better job. “The idea stuck in my head and I wondered if chimps really could film. They’re very strong and agressive, but I thought that if we could find a way for the camera to survive it would make for some interesting footage.”


So, what I want to know is, what should this monkey movie be called? Ape Fear? Michael Jackson’s Gorilla? (or The Gorilla In Manila.) The White Gibbon? Maybe Barbara Mandrill Live On Stage. You can see what they got up to in the short YouTube video after the jump. To paraphrase Quentin Tarantino, Bring out the Chimp!

Via Dvice