Sound reactive nightgown

Voice activation is a function electronic devices like cell phones, GPS units and computer include in their feature list to make it more convenient to interact with them but clothing? Yes, clothing too, at least this is what Sarah Soriano, a new media artist with a love to electrify garments is proposing with the sound reactive Nightgown. (Video)


Don’t talk2myShirt but to my nightgown and it will start pulling up it’s hemline. The gown uses the Lilypad Arduino, Flexinol – a shape memory alloy for the lifting of the textile and a microphone to pick up the sound/voice.

Combining sound with the shape shifting of parts of clothing is a interesting concept which could be used in various ways, for altering the style of a dress ‘on-the-fly’ or for raising a n additional protective textile element for protection against wind, rain, …. What looks like a playful experimentation of technology can and will always trigger ideas for designs with a purpose.


The Sound reactive Nightgown is not the only interactive project Sarah has made.  She crated a whole collection of interactive underwear ranging from a Musical Bra and Digital Bra to the Musical Panties.

Via talk2myshirt