Cat Man 324
American Dennis Avner, aka Cat Man, underwent 14 surgical procedures to transform his face,
ears and teeth into feline features, as verified in Madrid, Spain, February, 2008.
It often seems like every week there is news of someone setting, or breaking, the Guinness World Record for some dubious achievement on which you never even believed people would have thought it fit to bestow commendation.
And so, in honor of the Guinness World Records’ tireless support of novelty achievements, Huffington Post rounded up 13 of the strangest, and occasionally pointless, records (so many to choose from!) for your amusement.
These are our favorites…
naked roller coaster 3425
32 naked members of the public took a ride on Nemesis at Alton Towers, Staffordshire,
UK on 27 August 2004, although it appears most were wearing sandals.
sking stretch record 123
Brit Garry Turner stretched his skin 6.25 inches in Los Angeles, October, 1999
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