The Color Marketing Group forecast color directions for all industries, manufactured products and services

Fashion is a fickle thing, and, unless you follow trends closely, you get left behind in the “that was so last week” heap.   When it comes to the look of your home, fashion is fairly forgiving. Unless you regularly entertain experts from the design world, you can pretty much get away with anything that looks “good” — well, at least for a couple decades, anyway. However, if your home is way past due for a makeover, or if you just want to get ahead of the curve for once, here we present the colors the experts say will be “hot” this year. And for a little emphasis and perspective, we turn to Marie Stewart, interior designer and owner of the Santa Clarita Valley franchise of Decorating Den Interiors. This is a full service interior design and decorating company, with the motto “No project is too small.”

Who decides?
You may have wondered (I certainly have) who decides what the trends in color will be. According to Stewart, it is the Color Marketing Group. The group is made up of “color experts” from around the world, representing many different industries, including the auto industry, interior design and clothing fashion.

“They meet a couple of times a year,” Stewart said, and their decisions affect all aspects of design. “They are influenced by what is going on in the world,” she added. “This season it’s very eco-friendly, ‘go-green.’

And the hues are …
When it comes to interior design, Stewart explained that new fabrics and paints will follow the same general hues favored by the Design Group. “Green is a big color this year, from earthy green to lime and dark forest green,” she said. “Greens, beiges and warm grays are the popular neutrals. They’re getting put together with berry colors, bright blues and violets, along with brilliant yellows and oranges — earthy to bright oranges. Silvery-metallics are also kind of in.”

Stewart noted that one 2010 color will be rose-pink. “But we’re not going back to the grays and pinks of the ’80s,” she emphasized.

While each brand of paint will have its own “hot” colors this year, it might be helpful to look at what Benjamin Moore Paints is up to.

And, in agreement with what Stewart said, it would seem green is in.

“Green has such meaning and symbolism,” said Sonu Mathew, a senior interior designer with the company. “It represents renewal, and is eternally the color of spring and new growth. In recent years it has become the emblem of the environment, shorthand for the global movement that’s dedicated to preserving and conserving our planet. Green is also the easiest color for the eye to see, and the most restful and comforting of all.”

Benjamin Moore’s Cedar Green is a perfect example of this. Mathew said, “It’s a color that, on its own, can contribute a vibrant pop to a room, or create a softer look when paired with neutrals. It is also a perfect foil for bright contrasts, such as deep blues and orangey reds.”

Other colors Benjamin Moore will be presenting under its “Alternative View” palette include Midnight Navy, Opaline and Claret Rose.

The “Fresh Perspective” palette will include August Morning, a mid-tone orange with a touch of yellow. “Simple Indulgences” colors will “define luxury.” These include Blueberry and Fool’s Gold. For more information and views of these colors (and others), visit and type the color name in the search window.


Putting it together
Stewart also offered her thoughts on how to utilize the 2010 colors. First off, she advises being conservative with the colors of your furniture. You can spice things up in other ways. “If you’ve just bought a $7,000 sofa, you don’t want to replace it (when fashions change). It’s much more cost effective to change your throw pillows,” she said. “Use art and accessories to bring in the brilliant colors. These are easily interchangeable in the future.”

“Paint is another very cost effective way to change your interior,” she said. “You can always repaint.”

She said the oranges and reds go really well with wood tones and other natural materials that are used in interior design. “The brilliant colors just tend to lift your spirit.”

She said you could paint your walls in the warm, grayish taupes but have one “accent wall” in one of the brighter colors. The brilliant accent walls can also be a focal point for placing artwork.

She explained that it’s a good idea to put the one accent wall at the far end of a long room. “The color will advance the wall. It will shorten the room visually. Long rooms don’t look good,” she said.

Beyond paint, she suggested using wallpaper. “There’s some beautiful wallpapers out there. Wallpaper is going to come back. It’s not ugly like it used to be.”

Stewart went on to explain that all of the suppliers of interior design products keep up with the current color trends, and added that fabric companies are constantly changing their offerings. “Just yesterday I got six boxes of fabric books,” she said. The choices available are almost too numerous — which is one reason why tapping into the expertise of an interior designer can be very helpful.

So, however you do it, now might be the time to spruce things up around the home. Could 2010 be the year you get ahead of the fashion curve?

Via The Signal