ipad wall

iPad wall

A Melbourne architectural firm, ClarkeHopkinsClarke, has created a mockup design of an ‘iPad wall’, a wall fitted out with hundreds of iPads.


The wall could be used in situations such as libraries, where users could browse books on the devices, or be used in place of televisions which are used currently to display interactive scenes or promotional information.

“With the built-in features of the iPad and customisable applications, there is literally an endless number of things we can do on the wall,” the company said in a post introducing the design.

“Interchangeable wallpaper pattern & video is just the beginning, but imaging a giant jigsaw that you can play using multitouch, an interactive aquarium scene, digital graffiti, interactive speaker wall, even a life sized digital bookcase for your iBooks!”

Because of the relatively cheap price of the iPad ($499 USD), many of the devices could be purchased for a smaller cost than say fitting out the wall with large LCD televisions, and  unlike normal feature wall mosaic tiles, the iPad contains groundbreaking technology and features, which are usually only seen in $600 or above priced products.

Via iTech Report