Chalk Crayon Under an SEM Scanning Electron Microscope

ASPEX is the world’s only SEM Elemental Analysis company that allows anyone to send in their sample to get scanned by our SEM.  Ever wonder what something looks like up close? Really close? Most people have seen objects under a standard optical microscope, but few have seen what something looks like under a more powerful magnifying instrument. ASPEX, makers of the Personal Scanning Electron Microscope (PSEM), recently kicked off their “Send Us Your Sample” campaign, encouraging science geeks, educators, students and anyone else to send in samples to be scanned by one of their PSEMs.  (Pics)


The PSEM has a scan range of 100nm to 5mm and an imaging resolution of 25nm, capable of bringing the smallest samples into focus. ASPEX will scan submitted samples and then post before/after photos along with an analytical report online. This allows viewers to see what the sample looks like to the naked eye as well as under the PSEM.


Hard candy

Get your dead bugs, rotten food, mold abd more scanned with a tabletop SEM from ASPEX.



Anyone interested in having an item scanned can simply fill out the submission form and send in a sample for analysis, free of charge. The SEM Image Gallery shows the samples already scanned, including mold, cat hair, fly eyes, and more. Satisfy your curiosity; send your sample in today!



Paper tear

1. Download and print this form from the ASPEX website.

2. Fill out the form and mail it along with the sample you want scanned to:

ASPEX Corporation
Free Sample Submissions
175 Sheffield Dr.
Delmont, PA 15626

3. Once ASPEX has completed the scan, the images and report will be posted on ASPEX’s website here.

Note: It should take about 2 weeks for the results to post to the ASPEX website, and submitters will be notified via email. Samples scanned for free will not be returned.

Follow ASPEX on Twitter to see some of the samples people sent in this week!