Soular Backpack

Neon Green has decided to bring solar to the fashion forward among us, from tween girls to guys working in the financial district. The makers of solar bags have come up with a variety of designs that incorporate thin-film solar cells into trendy bags with “soular” for off-grid charging and backup power for hand-held gadgets. Neon Green claims the bags are so awesome, they’ll “transform [you] from a mere mortal to a super hero with soular powers.” Now that’s quite a statement. (pics)


Earthtechling writes, “If you’re in the market for a new backpack or bag, why would you not get one with a built-in solar charger? While there are plenty of different solar bags out there these days, it takes a company with a pretty fashion-forward aesthetic to get us to take this question seriously.”

Ain’t that the truth. With so many flat out terrible designs for solar fashion, we love to see solar accessory designs that make people want to incorporate solar into their lives. While you’ll probably never gather enough energy from the sun to offset the embodied energy of the bag itself, at least you’ve got yourself a fancy-looking back pack that will charge your cell phone. And it’s the first we’ve seen of bags that could be coveted among tween girls:


Chip Chick details the variety of the bags, nothing that there’s everything from a colorful version with pockets galore, to a tiny “Piggy Back” back up pack that attaches to your existing backpack for a solar kick. While this little backup claims a charging capability of 11.1 volts in full sunlight, we can’t be sure what it’s really capable of until the product comes out and can be tested.


Via Treehugger