Wash-free Jeans

Okay, so we don’t wash our jeans as much as we ought to. But really, wash-free jeans? TriStar (not to be confused with TRISTAR, a subsidiary of Columbia Pictures) – a Brazilian fashion label – has created a denim collection with directions to freeze-clean your jeans! The company’s CEO says after wearing them, put them into a plastic or cloth bag, then freeze it for 24 hours to kill the bacteria!


All it takes to kill the bacteria is 24 hours in the freezer, owner Jandira Barone told the Jornal A Tribuna. When it’s pointed out that freezing the jeans will do little to remove stains, Barone is quick to point out that this look is in fashion.


You’ll still have to deal with stains the old fashioned way, BUT the jeans are reversible, so you can get by for quite a while before then. So is it green or a coach potato’s good idea? Hmm. Prices are around US$150 a pair.

Via Red Ferret Journal