google snowview 23

First there was the Google car, which roamed the roads of Britain to build up a Street View perspective of the nation.

Then came the Google Trike, powered by super-strong employees to chart harder to reach areas such as Stone Henge.

Now the internet search giant has headed to the mountains with the Google snowmobile…

The special vehicle was designed by Google Senior Mechanical Engineer Daniel Ratner for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

It has been fitted with Google’s 360degree camera and GPS equipment to capture every angle of the snowy pistes at Whistler, Canada.

In this way Google said it hoped to take Street View ‘to the next level’, bringing internet users closer than ever to the action.

Mr Ratner said: ‘We did our best to capture some beautiful imagery and make it available to everyone around the world so they can really experience what it’s like to be up there on the slopes.’

Armchair skiers and snowboarders can explore the exclusive ski resort – which is now playing host to the world’s greatest winter athletes – with the click of a mouse.