blue_rotor blades

The silent treatment

From now on, you won’t even hear the black helicopters coming. Just a breath of wind rustling your blinds, and then — bag on the head! At least, that’ll be the case if the NSA gets hold of some of these Blue Edge rotor blades from Eurocopter. They’re not only shaped like a sword you might find in Final Fantasy XIII, but they have little mechanized flaps that are automatically adjusted in order to reduce the wup-wup-wup noise that results from the blade cutting through turbulent air.


See? Hear, rather?

If you’re interested in a more technical perspective, Autopia’s got it. There’s still a long way to go before these things are actually quiet enough to sneak up on you, but I’ll tell you what, I guarantee nature photographers are going to enjoy these things. Losing a few decibels means you can hover a couple hundred feet closer to your subject critter.


via Crunchgear