chat roulette

One Chat Roulette user found himself face to face with boy band The Jonas Brothers

First came Facebook, which connects you with close friends and school mates you don’t really talk to anymore. Then came Twitter where you could ‘follow’ and be followed by complete strangers.  So it was perhaps inevitable that the ever evolving internet would push the social boundaries one step further, resulting in Chat Roulette.


Chat Roulette is a service that puts you face to face with a random stranger via your webcam. You then have the choice of either chatting to them or disconnecting and being matched with another user from around the globe.

Parents will likely be horrified by the idea their children can connect face to face with strangers and be put at risk of grooming. Despite a disclaimer on the front page that states you have to be 16 years of age to enter, there is no way of enforcing this.

The website also claims obscene material will not be tolerated but countless users have reported being exposed to shots of men performing obscene acts in front of the screen.

It is not clear who set up the website, which first appeared in November last year. A message sent to their general email went unanswered.

What is obvious is that the service is growing in popularity, with cases of Jo Public finding themselves face to face with celebrities such as The Jonas Brothers, Kelly Osbourne and Ashton Kutcher.

One New Zealand actor called TJ Miller, even flew out two girls from Liverpool to the set of the new Yogi Bear film after meeting them through the website.

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