House made of beer bottles

If you liked the house made with plastic bottles in Parque Iguazu, this one will blow you away.  Tito Ingenieri, a character from a city called Quilmes, about an hour south from Buenos Aires, has built a massive home made entirely from beer bottles and trash. And by massive, we mean… (Video and Pics)


By massive we mean 6 million bottles, which have been added to the home along 19 years (at least that’s what he claims).


Even if the home doesn’t look sleek or chic, we have to give the guy credit for the recycling. Because even though usually beer bottles in Argentina are returnable, Ingenieri takes abandoned and non-returnable bottles from the street and has neighbors saving bottles for him.


He’s a famous character in Quilmes and has been subject of many interviews, though this video from has some impressive images of the whole home, which looks huge.


Ingenieri says that his house is also an alarm to know when the river is rising: the southern winds make the bottles’ necks whistle.


Apart from the bottles, the home has some sculptures from trash and the artist also made the crazy pants, seat and boots from recycled tires.


In the video you can see some of his building techniques, but he also assures that he can teach to build a home like this to anyone interested. His number can be found at his website.


Via Treehugger