nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman has a turned-up nose

Forget fingerprints. Supersleuths have found a highly successful way of tracking down terrorists, illegal immigrants, fraudsters and identity thieves: by scanning their noses.


The technology uses computer software, called the PhotoFace, to analyse the nose then put it in one of six categories.

The software measures the width of the nose tip, length of the ridge, and width of the saddle (the bit under the eyebrows).

To do this, the computer takes four photographs of a person, each one using different lighting.

This means shadows fall on different parts of the face in each photograph, which helps to determine the shape, length and depth of each part of the nose.

The system could take over from iris scanning and fingerprinting because changing the nose by plastic surgery is harder than changing the colour of the eyes (with contact lenses) or wearing gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints.

It’s also rare to find two people with identically proportioned noses.

‘Noses are prominent facial features,’ says Dr Adrian Evans, one of the researchers involved in a study at the University of Bath. ‘They are easier to photograph and are harder to conceal, so a system that recognises noses would work better with an uncooperative subject or for covert surveillance.’

Experts believe the distinctive shape of your conk reveals fascinating facts about your personality.

Here, Simon Brown, author of The Secrets Of Face Reading (Godsfield Press, £12.99) analyses what your nose shape says about you.


What it looks like: Imagine the shape of the ski jump at the Winter Olympics — it’s a long, curved, almost-concave slope with a slight upward peak at the tip.

What it says about you: cutesy uppy-nose types are often kind, optimistic and nurturing in personality with bags of enthusiasm, a strong sense of support for friends and family. Oh, and a sexually adventurous side too.

Who has one? Actresses Nicole Kidman and Marilyn Monroe; former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.


What it looks like: This nose has a small bump protruding out, about halfway down the ridge. It points downwards at the tip, but not quite as much as the hawkshaped nose.



What it says about you: This signals a strong personality — but not always an impulsive one. They are very good at rallying people to take action, often very influential and carefully measured.

Who has one? Bono (of U2), French president Nicolas Sarkozy, singer Barry Manilow.


What it looks like: A long, straight and rather strong nose shape. If you look at the angle between the nose tip and the groove above your top lip, it should be about 80 degrees, almost a right angle.


Michelangelo’s David

What it says about you: These are grafters, efficient, hard-working, matter-of-fact sorts of people who keep their emotions close to their chests and can be difficult to fathom. You’ll want to be around them in a crisis.

Who has one? Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Michelangelo’s David statue.


What it looks like: This type of nose has a deep hook at the tip, pointing downwards towards your lip. The shape of the ridge is often curved.

paris hilton

Paris Hilton

What it says about you: Out of the six types of nose personality, these are least likely to care what others think of them. They don’t seek approval, are often rebellious and are most happy when pursuing their own goals.

Who has one? Socialite Paris Hilton, chef Antony Worrall Thompson, poet Dante Alighieri.


What it looks like: This is a short, small nose that doesn’t usually protrude to any great extent in any particular direction.

johnny depp

Johnny Depp

What it says about you: People with this type of nose are often quick-witted and more street-wise than your average person. They react quickly — sometimes too quickly, which can sometimes lead to aggression.

Who has one? Pop singer Lily Allen, Girls Aloud and X Factor star Cheryl Cole, and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp.


What it looks like: Short and wide, not as protruding as the other shapes and quite an uncommon shape among European noses. It’s common among certain ethnic groups.

nubian nose

Barack Obama

What it says about you: This nose type is said to reflect creativity and passion. Its wearers are often charismatic,which draws people to them.

Who has one? Actor Will Smith, model Naomi Campbell, Barack Obama. 

Via Daily Mail