Tata Nano EV

India’s Tata Nano EV, world’s cheapest car, transformed into the world’s cheapest electric car, went on display at the Geneva Motor Show.  The Tata Nano EV seats four, has a predicted range of about 80 miles and will go from zero to about 35 miles per hour in a blistering 10 seconds. The car has super-polymer lithium-ion batteries, which Tata says provide superior energy retention. (Video)


“Electrification will be an integral part of our initiative to launch environment-friendly vehicles,” said Ravi Kent, vice chairman of Tata.


Tata displayed the gas-powered European version of the Nano, the Nano Europa, at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. It goes on sale in select European countries in a couple of years and is eventually supposed to work its way to the U.S. In India, Nano is being delivered to 100,000 customers. No word yet on how soon the electric version will come to Europe  — or the U.S. — as well.

Via USA Today