Innovative Travel at YOTEL

Do you love your sleep? Most people do, but it is something that is sadly abused during most business travels. After all, the famous terminology of the “red eye flight” appeared simply because it is a preferred method of travel for business professionals. This sort of wear and tear on the body and brain doesn’t bode well for high performance in the board room or conference hall, however, and the YOTEL “capsule hotel” chain is shaping up to be a great solution to this perennial problem.


Consider their two newest locations in Heathrow and Gatwick airports outside of London. They allow the international, layover, or business traveler the opportunity to save a lot of money on a cab or train fare, get a few extra hours of sleep, and yet enjoy premium surroundings. How? The rooms are capsule sized accommodations packed with “affordable luxury”. They are located just minutes from the main terminals, and give all of the conveniences of an upscale hotel.

The downside? They are designed by aircraft specialists who view each space in terms of cabins instead of suites. This, however, shouldn’t bother seasoned travelers, especially when they see the array of amenities cleverly built into each compact room.


YOTEL offers a few grades of rooms as well, including Premium, Economy, Twin and Accessible. All rooms use space to the utmost efficiency, with plenty of storage, a spacious bathroom with a power shower, and even a high-tech electronic wall full of all the gadgets and gizmos needed to conduct business and kick-back for a few hours of relaxation. All rooms are also outfitted with free WiFi too.

Another innovative aspect to the YOTEL concept is the automated check in process, and the option to rent rooms by the hour (four hour minimums apply). This is a wonderful way to spare a weary traveler the agony of sleeping upright in a lounge chair somewhere in the airport, or spending a large sum to get into town for a few needed hours of sleep. Also, the availability of round the clock services from the human cabin crew will allow the customer to get help with food and beverage service and 24-hour travel support.

YOTEL hotels are truly unique, modern, and a remarkably convenient option for the budget conscious traveler who also enjoys their sleep!

Via HotelsCombined