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Preparations are already underway to secure the online credentials of the 2012 Olympics, with the announcement that that Metropolitan Police is in the midst of setting up two specialist web-based teams.

In a bid to smoke out e-crime and ticketing fraud on the web, the Met will put two teams in place: one to stop hackers from getting into the Olympics’ computer systems and the other to try and combat the influx of fraudulent tickets online.

Preventative measures

Recruiting has already begun for the Olympics e-crime teams and the whole thing will be controlled by Detective Superintendent Charlie McMurdie.

Those already working on the assignment are currently looking into the corrent crop of scammers using the Olympics name in vain, a full two years before the Games are set to take place.

“We’re looking at precursor crime-enabler websites,” said McMurdie proving the taxpayers money is being well spent.

“We’re working with registrars to put in place preventative measures to stop those sites being registered.”

Back in April, Former Home Secretary David Blunkett called for the UK to improve its cybersecurity in time for the 2012 Olympics. It seems his call has been answered.

Via TechRadar