Women have better memories than men

At the age of 50, women’s memory outperforms their male counterparts, recalling words both faster and more accurately.  The team at the University of London asked men and women to remember 10 words and then recall them two minutes later.


They were then asked to list them five minutes later.

In each case the women were more successful than the men.

The report authors Matthew Brown and Brian Dodgeon said: “Men performed significantly more poorly in the verbal memory tests: particularly on the delayed memory test.

“Previous research has produced similar results but this is the first time that such a large number of middle-aged men and women of the same age have taken memory tests of this kind in the UK.”

The study involved more than 9,600 middle-aged men and women in England, Scotland and Wales found women outscored men in two verbal memory tests.

Women scored almost 5 per cent more than men, on average, in the first test and nearly eight per cent more in the second.

They were also quicker in a third test requiring them to cross out as many “Ps” and “Ws” as possible in a page filled with rows of random letters, but women also made more mistakes than men.

In a fourth test, which involved naming as many animals as they could in a minute, men and women had identical scores. Each could name 22 animals, on average.

Those tested were all members of the National Child Development Study (NCDS) who have been tracked by researchers since their birth in 1958.

As they were also tested aged 16, the latest tests will help researchers estimate the impact that exercise, diet, smoking, alcohol and depression have had on their mental abilities.

Initial analyses have shown those who exercised at least once a month performed

better on all tests, on average, than those who did not.

Non-smokers, including ex-smokers, also outscored smokers in the first of the “word recall” tests, even after social background was taken into consideration.

Via Telegraph