The study found that married people ‘let themselves go’.

Greek researchers found that married couples were more likely to become fat due to their significantly changed lifestyle as they “let themselves go”.  The research, based on the study of more than 17,000 couples aged between 20 and 70, found that married couples exercised less frequently, had less sex, had poor nutrition and were “comfortable” in their lives.


Married couples spend more time eating together, sit in front of the TV more and often order takeaway ready meals while exercising less.

Scientists from Salonica and Ioannina Universities, who presented their research on Friday to the Panhellenic Medical Conference, in Athens, concluded that “abdominal obesity, or belly fat” was the worst problem among married people.

Prof Dimitris Kiortsis, one of the study’s co-authors, said that obesity was found to be directly related to a change in lifestyle.

Prof Kiortsis, from Ioannina University who is also president of the Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity, said most married couples also have less sex, which is considered intense exercise that burns calories.

He said that unmarried individuals originally spend a lot of time keeping fit and making themselves attractive in order to find a partner “but once they get married they let themselves go”.

“The need to hunt for a partner is reduced”.

The study advised married couples to take up more exercise, to have only one home-cooked meal a day, to avoid snacks, and to follow a Mediterranean diet which includes a lot of fruit, vegetables and olive oil.

Prof Dimitris Papazoglou, the other co-author from Salonica University, added: “If one of the partners decides to go on a diet, then the other partner also often follows.”

“Obesity is the biggest threat to public health in the entire world”, he said.

Adults in Britain are recommended to take 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on at least five days a week.

Latest figures show that one in four people in Britain are obese.

Eight in 10 men and almost 7 in 10 women will be overweight or obese by 2020 and cases of devastating health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and stroke will increase with the nation’s waistlines, the recent Government-commissioned Foresight report warned. 

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