Riding a bicycle is a matter of pure balance. However, get your protective gear on if you are taking on a single wheeled bike. Keeping the first aid box handy would be a good idea too! However, designer Harald Palma’s revolutionary bike design might make riding a monocycle easier and safer. Claimed as the first ever self balancing cycle in the world, the Monocycle also features advanced devices, including accelerometers and gyroscopes. Blending machine and human balancing together, the cycle is fully controlled by the body balance of the rider. While the rider leans forward, it gives momentum to the bike, whereas, putting the body weight backward slows down and stops the bike.



The Monocycle is a perfect city bike that can be used for short distance travels and can be parked in the least available of spaces. Moreover, the bicycle comes with a strong electric motor to support the riders, so they need not push too hard to speed up the bike.


Via Future Transportation