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Selling domain names are a clever way to launch a fundraiser

In the world of web properties there is great value in a name, and some people are willing to pay substantial amounts to purchase a great domain name. At least that is what the people at the Louisville, Colorado based non-profit DaVinci Institute are counting on.

A total of 24 domain names are currently listed on their DaVinciFundraiser.COM website as part of a fundraiser designed to raise money DaVinci Institute programs and the Museum of Future Inventions.

Some of the domain names include famous historical figures like EdisonInstitute.COM or TeslaInstitute.COM, others are tied to famous companies like FacebookSummit.COM or Amazonsummit.COM, and still others are simply unique names around which a new enterprise could be launched like Octagonist.COM or Twitistry.COM.

Prices of the domain names range from $3,700 to $53,000. But the Institute is open to all offers.

“The value of a domain name really lies in what people are willing to pay for it,” said Thomas Frey, Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute. “These are unique domain names that convey value and credibility to someone wishing to establish a significant brand name. And the money goes to a great cause.”

The Institute has had each of the domain names appraised and interested parties can see the appraised value by clicking on the “Certified Appraisal” link.

Domain names have emerged as valuable properties on the Internet. According to DN Journal, eight recent domain name sales in March 2010 included MusicVideos.com – $250,000; Optimize.com – $115,000; Gold.co.uk – $64,000; OrganicCosmetics.com – $27,500; 313.com – $25,000; PaydayLoans.info – $24,000; SinglesDating.com – $16,722; FreeStay.com – $15,200.

“Some of the domain names may be linked to a company trademark like Twitter, so it may be necessary to reach an agreement with Twitter before the name can be used,” said Frey.

People wishing to review the list of available domain names can go to www.davincifundraiser.com or call Deb Frey at 303-666-4133 for more details.

About the DaVinci Institute

The DaVinci Institute is a Futurist Think Tank based in Louisville, Colorado. The Institute goes beyond the traditional role of a think tank. The Institute believes that shaping the future requires more than ideas; it requires action as well.

The DaVinci Institute also believes that the people that will shape the future are those that take brilliant ideas and make them become reality. Inventors and entrepreneurs will shape our future. That is why the DaVinci Institute produces futurist events designed to assist the revolutionary thinking inventor and entrepreneur, and helps them get their ideas off the ground.

The DaVinci Institute is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization supported by memberships, sponsorships and attendance fees for the programs we produce. For more information about the DaVinci Institute go to www.davinciinstitute.com

About the Museum of Future Inventions

The DaVinci Institute has set its sights on creating a “museum of future inventions” designed around our pursuit of inventions so significant that they will create a spot in the history books for people who develop them. The museum will be composed of multiple pavilions, each with its own scientific concentration, sponsored by businesses from around the world.

For more information about the Museum of Future Inventions go to www.davinciinstitute.com/museum