Land Peel

By necessity, the Japanese have an intuition for space-saving design that shines in their products and architecture. But this concept might be one of the cleverest we’ve ever seen. Created by Shin Yamashita, a student at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, Land Peel is a foam floor covering which also has panels that flip up and fold, to become any sort of furniture you might need: From a table, to a backrest, to a drink tray, to a footrest, to a pillow. (Pics)




In addition, there’s a plug for a custom-fitted lamp, which also serves as a table leg, when extended.


Maybe this would only catch on in Japan, where Tatami mats and floor-sitting are a cultural norm. But consider:  The carpet in front of the TV might as well be a piece of furniture, given the way most people actually live. Add a few different skins for different interiors (think: Flor modular carpet tiles), and this could find a huge market.



Via Fast Company