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You pee, I pee, we all pee – but have you ever given thought to what exactly you’re flushing out of your body? In her book That’s Disgusting! An Adult Guide to What’s Gross, Tasteless, Rude, Crude, and Lewd, Greta Garbage explains all sorts of bizarre trivia about urine.

Warning: not for the squeamish. True to the title of her book, Greta Garbage’s book is like a No Holds Barred trivia book about really gross things. You’ve been warned (or if this sort of things interest you, then “urine” for a treat!)  


Facts About Urine

Some people are totally fascinated with the useless fact their piss smells different after they eat asparagus. Indeed, one pundit suggested that it’s just a matter of time until someone produces a cartoon Asparagusman, whose primary job it is to sniff out people who have just eaten that vegetable.

Technically, the asparagus doesn’t make the urine smell, some people just have the fairly useless ability to pick it out. There have been at least three studies determining how many people have this claim to fame, as if it mattered.

Tens of thousands of words have been written on smell hypersensitivity – even Benjamin Franklin, who surely had better things to do, jokingly suggested that a drug be found that could make a fart smell like perfume.

But if you feel you must know more about asparagus and pee-smell, you’re probably best off waiting for the cartoon.

Here’s a wee bit more about piss. Actually, your urine is odorless until after it comes out of your body. What you smell then is ammonia – yep, the same stuff you clean with.

Asparagus isn’t the only thing some people smell in urine. Drinking turpentine is said to make urine smell like a rose, so hundreds of years ago, women would drink turpentine so their piss would smell sweet.

One man claims that large quantities of onions, especially in curried rice, make his piss smell odd, but so far this claim has not been backed up by rigorous testing.

If you really want to know:
• Eating beets can turn your urine red.
Vitamin B2 makes it bright yellow.
• Certain blue dyes make it blue-green.
L-dopa makes it dark brown.
Rhubarb sometimes makes it brownish or pinkish.

What’s really important, though, is not color but intensity. A good clue to health is the darkness of the urine hue. Experts say that you should pee pale. (In other words, if you’re not getting enough water in your system, your urine will be darker.)

Adult men usually pee in a narrower stream than women do because sex and children can affect the women’s tissues there. This unusual fact was used to test virginity centuries ago: If a woman peed like a man, she was thought to be a virgin. (Some idiots in those days also thought they could just look at urine and tell if the woman was intact.)

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