computer dirt n grime 3421
Dirty, dirty. Look what all that porn has done to your machine!
Most of us are more concerned about the tidiness of our directories and files than we are about our physical computer. A dirty computer is a failure-prone computer, so let’s dig in with some spring cleaning tips…


Your computer and peripherals love dust, dirt, grime, and germs. Computers are dry, hot, have fans blowing through them all day, and lots of nooks and crannies to catch dust, hair, and other tiny debris as it passes through. Peripherals fair a littler better as most aren’t dust-sucking wind tunnels but they too suffer from being dust-attractants and having our greasy hands all over them—your mouse might not be dusty but it’s slick with stuff.

The following roundup of tips and tricks will help you get your computer spanking clean for spring, running cooler, and less germ-laden than a rest stop bathroom. We’ll start with the outer most peripherals and move in towards the guts of your machine.


Photo by Wm Chamberlain.