Some of the best LEGO music videos on YouTube

Put geeks in a room with LEGO and a camera and you’ll soon have more funny fan-made movies than you could shake a colored plastic brick at.  We’ve taken a musical angle on this top ten list, bringing you the very best in LEGOmation and brickfilm tributes to artists and bands that YouTube() (and all its wonderfully creative users) has to offer.


Whether you’re a LEGO Gaga fan, prefer OK LE-GO or can’t get enough John LEGO-non then we’ve got you covered with this wickedly funny playlist, so read on and let us know your faves, as well as any we’ve missed.

1. Michael Jackson – Beat It


This painstaking recreation of one of Jackson’s trademark short film-esque music videos is long at five minutes, but well worth a watch to see the minifig dance sequences emulating the original video.

2. Ok Go – Here It Goes Again


What the Internets are made for — a viral YouTube music video hit recreated in LEGO and then released to the masses once again via the same platform — how marvelous. Seriously though, how did they make the little LEGO men slide like that?

3. The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There


This Fab Four-themed effort starts off fairly static, but gets extras points for attention to detail for the little LEGO cameraman and even more points for the black and white sequence that pulls back to see the clip on a period TV set and screaming female fans.

4. U2 – Sweetest Thing


If you didn’t think that Bono’s musical apology to his wife could get any more sickly sweet than it already is, then check out this LEGO effort that improves on the original video, and not just because Bono isn’t actually in it.

5. The Who – My Generation


The creator of this video, which takes on The Who’s classic ode to teenage angst so well, demonstrates a nice line in edits, as well as some serious rock’n’roll destruction at the end. Who knew minifigs could be so bad?

6. Beastie Boys – Sabotage


This is high quality stuff and in fact just the trailer for a larger project to recreate the entire classic music vid with correct camera angles as well as authentic background sets and characters. That’s dedication to the LEGOmation cause. Wonder if they get out much?

7. Grease – Summer Nights


The song that goes further to explain the male/female divide better than any planetary comparisons (“Was it love at first sight?/Did she put up a fight?”) gets the LEGO treatment here to great effect. It’s also somehow easier to believe the minifigs as high school students, as opposed the then 29- and 34-year-old Travolta and Newton-John.

8. Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting


This one is a little bit frightening (thanks to those freaking vicious ninjas) but it’s also a little bit entertaining and will ensure you’re humming “ding-a-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-diing” for the rest of the day — which is not necessarily a bad thing.

9. Metallica – Whiplash


Meticulous stop-motion work with “Whiplash” by Metallica as performed by a band in “Lego City” goes someway to capture the energy of the song complete with a headbanging audience and crowd-surfer. Rawk on!

10. ABBA – Take a Chance on Me


This fantastic rework of ABBA’s soft focus footage for their 1977 hit “Take a Chance on Me” captures the Swedish quartet admirably, even down to their outfits and Agnetha and Anni-Frida’s cheeky winks. It’s created by YouTube user Cactiphile, who’s channel is a great place to visit if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen above as there’s tons more quality brickfilms available to view.

Bonus – Lady GaGa


Here’s a bonus vid for you as the undisputed queen of YouTube gets her own — sadly all too short — LEGO parody.

Via Mashable