The Cubi is a cube-shaped state-of-the-art living space

What’s a Cubi? It is the alternative name for the accommodations provided by the line of Qbic hotels appearing in the Netherlands. The Cubi is a cube-shaped living space that is the epitome of efficiency and practicality. Not only are they totally unique in their design, but they also incorporate radical décor and furnishings too. (pics)


Each Cubi has a bathroom that uses famous “New Design” specialist Philippe Starck’s products, an extra long bed manufactured by the Hästens Company, a personal safe, and LCD TV, free WiFi, and even a dining area. Perhaps the most innovative feature of all Cubi rooms is the custom lighting system. This allows the guest to program their room to reflect their current mood through atmospheric lighting. Feeling romantic? Use the Red Romance lighting, feeling calm, look to the Deep Blue settings.


The Qbic hotels appear in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Maastricht. Each location is positioned to be convenient to the city center and nearest airport, and can easily serve as an affordable option for the regular business traveler, a family, or someone just on a leisure visit.


The rooms are accessed via a self-service check in terminal that delivers the room key, and is also the facility used for checking out as well. In addition to the self-service element, there are always pleasant and highly-trained Qbic staff members available to assist guests with any needs. There is also a very handy digital kiosk that replaces the standard tour desk and concierge, and it provides guests with direct access to information about local restaurants, businesses, and entertainment venues, and may even allow advance ticket purchases.


Perhaps one of the more unique features of the Qbic chain is the use of a “Grab and Go” facility instead of a full-service restaurant, gift shop and lounge. This is a comfortable guest lobby outfitted with a range of “I-Touch” vending machines that can dispense locally-made baked goods, meals, and even such oddities as neckties, toothpaste, bathroom rolls, books and magazines and even pre-paid calling cards or deodorant.


In addition to providing guests with the freedom of self-service options, the Qbic hotels also reward the “early birds” as well. All guests who book in advance are provided with a significantly lower rate than those who wait to get their room upon arrival. This means that a visitor could head to the hotel, park in the secure underground parking, head to the lobby and retrieve their digital key without waiting in lines or requiring any sort of assistance.

Via HotelsCombined