Teens use secret lingo to deceive parents.

Teenagers are increasingly using a secret language on social networking sites like Facebook to stop parents from judging them by their social activities such as partying and drinking, a new study found.

Instead of writing they are drunk, teens post “Getting MWI” — or mad with it; being in a relationship is known as “taken” or “Ownageeee”, and “Ridneck”, a corruption of redneck, means to feel embarrassed. Meanwhile, girls posting “Legal” are indicating they are above 16 and legally allowed to have sex, researchers found.

Lead researcher Lisa Whittaker of Stirling University said the slang had been created to keep their activities private, and cited the example of a girl who was sacked after bosses found pictures of her drinking on the website.

“By doing this they are able to communicate with their in-group and conceal the content from the out-group. This further adds to their online identity,” she said.