By now, you probably know there’s a Facebook fan page for just about every subject under the sun, even for people who hate that everything has a fan page. Even so, you’ll probably be surprised by just how specific some of these fan pages can get. To that end, here’s a collection of some of the weirdest and funniest fan pages around…


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Hateful But Humorous

We know the internet is full of haters, but when does a pet peeve become something greater: when thousands of people share your anger at the subject. Whether you hate people who eat string cheese without peeling it, 6 year-olds with cell phones, Ed Hardy, getting your feet tickled or orange-skinned Jersey Shore girls, there’s certain to be some group on Facebook that’s sure to make your hatred of a random subject seem at least somewhat legitimate. There is even a group for people who hate having to tell Microsoft Word that their name is not a misspelling.

Image via www.votejoec.com [Flickr]

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