A bra in the Harmony range, made by luxury brand Panache, will be the first to offer a KK cup

First came the K cup for those ladies needing a little extra support.  And now the KK bra is to be introduced on to the High Street to cope with women’s increasing bust sizes.


The bras – which have been dubbed ‘wind socks’ because of their 20in cups – were previously only available from specialist retailers.

They would be too big even for glamour model Jordan, whose breasts peaked at 32FF before she had reduction surgery.

But they still wouldn’t be large enough for 27-year-old Donna Jones, from Milton Keynes, who claims to have Britain’s biggest breasts, sized 40M. Debenhams – whose ‘fuller bust range’, defined as a D cup and above, accounts for 60 per cent of its lingerie sales – is to stock the Harmony bra, made by luxury brand Panache.

It is on sale for £25 in the store’s Oxford Street branch in London, and is available in black, white and nude.

Spokesman Ruth Attridge said: ‘We have seen demand for larger bra sizes soar. More women are being measured and most tend to go up two cup sizes as they have been buying bras that are too small.

‘Also in our city stores we’ve seen ladies with larger busts due to the popularity of cosmetic surgery. Often when they’re measured they have a bigger cup size than they think due to the implants being measured by weight and not cup size.

‘Many of our fitters have reported that ladies have been surprised at being bigger than they had asked their surgeons for. We also see many more teenagers with larger breasts, perhaps due to the pill or better nourishment.’

The most popular bra size in the UK is a 36D, up from a 34B ten years ago.

Dr Joanna Scurr, a lecturer in biomechanicsat Portsmouth University, said: ‘I’m delighted we’re seeing KK cups on the High Street, as so many women say they struggle to find a size big enough in the shops. Breasts are getting bigger but it’s not just because we’re getting heavier.

‘We found an increase in the size of the average bosom, not just in women who are fat. We don’t yet know the reason but it has certainly made women much more aware of the need for correct support.’

Previously, the largest bra size on the High Street was the K cup, which was introduced by Selfridges in March, and the J cup, stocked by Marks & Spencer from 2007

Via Daily Mail